HDD Duplicator


    It is an undeniable fact that it takes minimal effort for end users and factories to backup and duplicate data on a hard disk drive (HDD) by means of a HDD duplicator--especially when the duplicator supports multiple destination duplication at once, where lots of time and costs can be saved. In most HDD duplicators, there is a single source HDD and a number of destination HDDs, where duplication begins by pressing the buttons on the duplicator. The duplicator conducts data verification after each duplication completes, while the machine provides additional functions, such as formatting HDDs or sanitizing used HDDs. When a HDD duplicator directly connects to a PC host, it works as a dock for multiple HDDs.

JMicron's Solutions

    JMicron has provided a series of HDD duplicator controllers to the industry for years. The JMB352U supports a variety of configurations for customers to build a HDD duplicator or an external HDD dock while it works with a PC host.

    The first application of the JMB352U: a 1:1 HDD duplicator. The USB 2.0 port is utilized to update the JMB352U firmware only, while the eSATA port can be used to access the data in the two SATA devices. Moreover, the JMB352U provides system designers the GPIOs to peripheral devices like non-volatile memory chips, LEDs, or keypads (depending on the design requirements).

    A second solution of the JMB352U is a 1:2 HDD duplicator or a USB2.0 to a three-logic-unit-number (3-LUN) bridge (see the figure below).

    The JMB391 is a best-in-class selection for a 1:4 high-speed and high-reliability HDD duplicator. The controller supports a 1:5 SATA Port Multiplier with RAID 0/1/10 hardware capability. The performance of data duplication can be accelerated by its hardware RAID engines, other than the JMB352U, a non-RIAD HDD duplicator controller.

    The JMS551 and the JMS561U, JMicron’s USB3.0 HDD duplicator controllers, support 1:2 SATA 6G bits per second Port Multiplier with RAID 0/1 hardware capabilities. Likewise, the JMS561U can work as a HDD duplicator in either standalone mode or by connecting to a PC host (see the figures below).

    1:1 HDD duplicators like the JMS561U can operate without connecting to a PC host (see the figure below):

    1:1 HDD duplicator and an external two-HDD dock application (see the figure below):


  • JMB352U High-Speed USB & SATA II Combo to Dual SATA II Port Multiplier(1 to 2) Bridge
    JMB352U is a bridge controller, which translates the communication protocol between SATA II 3.0G. This chip integrated 60MIPS 8051, and provide eSATA II 3.0G to dual SATA II 3.0G port multiplier applications in a single chip. In this chip, the SATA controller could be configured as host or device. The 3-port SATA II 3.0G controllers further supports the eSATA to dual SATA communication. Integrated these two technologies, the user could perform JMB352U to the following applications.
  • JMS561U Super Speed USB3.0 to dual SATA Gen III ports with CLONE bridge controller
    JMS561U is a Supper Speed to Dual SATA GenIII Ports bridge chip with specific feature: high performance stand alone CLONE function. It integrated 2 independent SATA channels and a micro-processor. With proper setting, the chip can be configured as 1 : 2 Serial ATA III Port Multiplier or hardware 1 : 1 CLONE function.